Xayo Series Ergonomic Chair

Introducing GT Omega’s newest addition to our office chair range - the Xayo Series Ergonomic Office Chair. Providing dynamic and responsive posture support, the Xayo incorporates the latest research in ergonomic support to ensure maximum comfort for your entire body.

Available in 3 colour variations:




Key Features

check_circle_outline   Automatic Posture Adjustment System (APAS)
check_circle   Durable and breathable Wintex Mesh
check_circle   Comprehensive ergonomic design
check_circle   Integrated lumbar support & included headrest

Versatile Design

Suitable for all shapes and sizes, the Xayo gives you complete control to sit better for longer. Combining the huge range of adjustability with the elegant and flowing frame, we have produced a chair that contours the human body and provides responsive and practical ergonomic support.

Breathable Wintex Mesh

The Xayo Series chair is adorned with breathable yet durable Wintex Mesh. Perfectly comfortable in warm or cool environments, this carefully crafted material provides an effortlessly springy support which is built to last.

Everyone deserves a chair that fits their unique comfort and support requirements 

Improve posture and productivity with this sophisticated and elegant office chair. The Xayo delivers dynamic and responsive posture support

which can be locked in place to suit your own comfort requirements. Featuring multiple adjustment points including:

Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support

The integrated, foam padded lumbar support, reinforces proper seating posture and comfortably reinforces the natural curve of your spine.

Multi-point, Adjustable Armrests

Coated with luxurious PU leather, the multi-point adjustable armrests allow you to gain complete control over both height and angle of your armrests.

Multi-level Ergonomic Headrest

Featuring 5 levels of adjustment, the ergonomic headrest allows for both height and tilt adjustment to keep your head and neck comfortable at all times.

Automatic Posture Adjustment System (APAS)

Our APAS allows you to synchronise movement of the seat base and back to allow your body to find its perfect resting point. Once you’re happy it’s easy to lock the position in place to keep you sitting better for longer.